The Acupuncture Studio

The Acupuncture Studio



The Studio will be CLOSED Monday, August 27th - Monday, September 3rd as we move.

We will begin seeing patients at our new location on

SEPTEMBER 4th, 2018

Providing Effective Acupuncture Treatments on an Affordable Sliding Scale


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1 month

TONIGHT! The Studio will be closed but come see us and so many others at The Gym! A great opportunity to check things out, talk to our area’s health and wellness professionals, and try a little acupuncture! All for FREE! See you there!

2 months ago

JOIN US FOR AN EVENING OF WELLNESS! This Monday, June 18th 5PM-7PM at The Gym 518 in Queensbury. Raffle prizes, tons of information and FREE ACUPUNCTURE! We’re thrilled to be participating in such a fun event! Check out who else will be there....

2 months ago

Wow!! We are honored and SO excited to share that we have won first place for BEST PLACE FOR ACUPUNCTURE, in the Post Star’s 2018 Best of the Region! THANK YOU to all who voted and thank you for being such an amazing community! We are very fortunate to have such wonderful supporters. You guys are the best!!

5 months ago

Feeling SLEEPY today?? Losing that hour can be hard! Springing the clocks ahead confuses our internal clock and can affect our bodies in more ways than one. Many people will notice headaches, drowsiness, digestive upset and increased stress this week. Acupuncture can help guide our bodies into this new rhythm, improving our sleep and improving how we feel as we enter SPRING! ***$15 TREATMENTS TONIGHT, MONDAY NIGHT*** with mention of this post! Make up for that lost hour in one of comfy recliners & we promise you'll feel much better!! Call to schedule 518-615-0505 #acupuncture #selfcare #feelbetter #takethatdaylightsavings #springisnear

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1 year

Happy Fall ???? Acupuncture can help keep you feeling well as your body adjusts to the seasonal shift. #acupuncture #acupumpkin

2 years ago

Love how cupping marks have sparked the interest of millions as they watch our best athletes compete! Whether you're an Olympic competitor or just carrying around a little extra tension, cupping is worth a try! Call us to schedule (518)615-0505 #whatsthatmark #chinesemedicine #cuppingtherapy #rio2016

2 years ago

Friday Fun Fact: A great, easy way to improve your general health is by eating the rainbow! Eating a variety of colors is one method to get as many of those vitamins and minerals as possible! #eattherainbow

2 years ago

Friday Fun Fact: Acupuncture is really, really old! One of the oldest Chinese Medicine texts was written over 2,000 years ago! That same text is still being used by acupuncturists today to treat many different ailments! THOUSANDS of years later...there must be something to it ???? #acupuncture #passedthetestoftime

2 years ago

Friday Fun Fact: Watermelon is not only a delicious treat but it is also recognized in Chinese Herbal Medicine as an excellent source to help beat the early signs of heat exhaustion. Each bite is full of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin A, B6, and C. Keep your body cool and hydrated this weekend by enjoying some watermelon! ?????? #foodismedicine