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5 Warren St., Glens Falls, NY   (518) 615-0505
Acupuncture is a simple way to tap into the complicated systems of the body.  It's real, it's practical, it's being used in your hometown right now. It doesn't matter if it's stress,  pain, or internal distress.  It doesn't matter if you already feel good, but want to feel better.  Acupuncture taps into something we all need but is in short supply in our society-simplicity. For more info, check out our acupuncture page.
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 Acupuncture is what you want it to be.  It can be freedom from pain, or relief from stress.  It may just be a chance to stop and be still in an otherwise busy life.  It's up to you.  Acupuncture isn't a replacement for your doctor, but it may help you simplify your healing in an otherwise complicated world.  Watch our video and learn a little more about the Acupuncture Studio. 
Healing should relieve your burden, and paying for it shouldn't add to it.  We want you to come to the Acupuncture Studio often enough to feel better and how much you pay should enable you to do just that.  You choose what to pay from our sliding scale of $20-$30. That's it.  Come in, come often, feel better.  
 Healing based on simplicity.  Pricing based on reality.
Life is complicated.  Community Acupuncture isn't.
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